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"Jim brings an incredible amount of expertise and credibility to the customer data platform space. His thought-leadership in the strategy of setting up a CDP ecosystem to support better customer engagement, as well as his technical expertise around system configuration, connections and data management is beyond impressive.  He's also a great communicator and able to speak to high-level concepts as well as minute details, adding value to every conversation he's in. Jim is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him for anyone looking for CDP expertise to begin their journey or take their program to the next level."

Retail Customer - Senior Director, Customer Relationship Management

"My company is working on a long-term mar-tech project to integrate a CDP, in our case Tealium, into our mar-tech stack. Like many companies, deploying new enterprise software, our I.T. and Marketing teams came to the realization that a subject-matter-expert (SME) was needed to ensure our integration was aligned with both technical and retail best practices. My search for a CDP SME took me to GrooveData, the CDP consulting company founded by Jim Hartley. Jim's professional experience is synonymous with the growth of the CDP sector.  Jim brings the skills and perspective required to inform and lead successful CDP vendor analysis as well as hands on CDP implementations.  Further, Jim’s experience with business analytics ensures his technical advice is closely aligned with our organization’s business goals.  During a multi-month consulting engagement, Jim was able to educate and inform our cross-functional team on how to approach our CDP strategy, how to improve our processes, and how to derive the most value from our segmented marketing initiatives. His ability to understand and account for both our business goals and our technical challenges was a critical success factor for our project. We literally could not have succeeded without his input and ongoing support."

Retail Customer - Head of Marketing Technology

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