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About GrooveData

The vision of GrooveData is to help businesses strategically evaluate, implement, and scale CDPs and other data technologies.  By leveraging our advisory services, you'll be sure to get an honest, unbiased consultation on how to achieve success with your data and tech stack.  


GrooveData Founder & President Jim Hartley has been working with data and technology for over 15 years.  Since 2012, he has been at the forefront of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) category. 

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Jim has held roles at Lincoln Financial Group, Tealium, and Twilio Segment.  While working at Tealium, a market leader and CDP category creator,  Jim helped grow the business to a $1.3 Billion valuation,  held multiple global leadership roles across all phases of the customer lifecycle as well as within Product, and created one of the first strategic services teams in the CDP industry.  


Having worked with businesses of all sizes, verticals, and use cases, Jim is one of the few strategists with a complete understanding of how businesses can successfully leverage data technology to deliver delightful customer experiences.  


Jim graduated from Temple University Fox School of Business focusing on Management Information Systems and Accounting.  He resides in San Diego, CA with his family and 2 dogs.  

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